I’m not an expert at either cooking or gardening, but I enjoy both and they take up a large part of my life. This is just meant to be a place where I can talk about stuff I know.

I started cooking in the 4th grade when I joined the 4-H group in my community. I started with the basics from the 4-H recipe book…spaghetti sauce and the like. When I was in high school, I took over the cooking of dinner every night, and made up menus and everything. That lasted until I got my first job in a German bakery.

I kind of lost touch with my cooking muse as I went through college and my first marriage, but I got re-connected when I was about 33 and started cutting recipes out of Bon Apetit magazine. My second husband and I had decided to stop eating out so much, and I got inspired by the awesome recipes in the magazine. They make everything sound so delicious. Some of my early successes were roasted garlic soup and beef fillets with an incredible shallot and mustard sauce that still wows my husband to this day.

I’ve had to change my cooking focus as I have developed a blood sugar problem and have to avoid sugar and most carbs. This blog will be especially useful for those of you who are having the same challenges. Lots of my recipes can be enjoyed by anyone, however. I’m not really a “foodie” in that I don’t follow most fads, but I just love that word!

I’ve been gardening on and off since we moved to Montana in 1999. Some years have been more successful than others. :-) My black thumb has slowly turned into a green thumb as I’ve learned more about gardening. For instance, who knew fertilizer was so crucial? Really, I started out in kindergarten! Every year my garden is better and better as I add soil amendments and learn what each plant needs to grow successfully in my climate. We live on 10 acres, 3 of which is open pasture, so I figured if I’m not going have horses (too much trouble) then I might as well use the land to grow food. :-)

I hope you enjoy my recipes, tips and advice!

~ Dooney


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