Berries & Cream – Simple and satisfying

With my glucose intolerance I don’t usually eat dessert, but one thing I can have once in while is blueberries and strawberries smothered in whipped cream. Oh my… Simple, but it makes the belly very happy. I use fresh, organic fruit and my special stevia-sweetened whipped cream. Use real heavy whipping cream and add 10 drops of liquid stevia per cup of cream. Whip it up in your Kitchen Aid and voila! I also love to use the extra whipped cream in my coffee. Blueberries and strawberries do contain fructose, but not as much as some other fruits and I Continue Reading →

Tahini chicken

Years ago I came up with a tahini sauce which I use on all sorts of things….chicken, steamed veggies, for dipping cheese slices, for dipping raw cut-up veggies, etc. It’s a great dip or a cooking sauce. One of my favorite ways to use it recently is poured over two chicken breasts with roasted red peppers (chopped up) and sliced green olives on top. Bake uncovered at 375 degrees for about 35 minutes, or until the breasts are fully cooked. Before serving, top with goat cheese. You can also add nuts or mushrooms for a little variety, or anything else Continue Reading →

Garden soil amendments

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about gardening, and one of the more important things I’ve learned is about improving the soil in my garden. We live on a glacial river bed, so our soil is mostly rocks. For that reason, all of my garden beds are raised beds that have been created with soil that has been trucked in. My big flower bed isn’t raised, but we had the area dug out and then trucked in soil. The only problem with bringing in soil is that you don’t really know what you’re getting. What tends to be available Continue Reading →

You can’t beat fresh salsa!

I made a bunch of salsa last fall with my tomato crop and froze it in quart baggies, and I’m still enjoying it now in the dead of winter. It’s like a summer explosion on the taste buds when I thaw out a bag and dig in. I use a really simple recipe from my farmer friend Leon, who is an organic farmer in the valley who does CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce boxes every summer. That’s where you pay a certain amount of money up front and get a box of fresh produce every week. I used to get Continue Reading →

Dreaming of Spring

We’ve had 45 degree weather lately and everything is melting, so it got me to thinking about what I want to do with my big veggie garden this year. Last year was my best veggie garden ever, yet there’s room for improvement. This is my garden layout, which includes asparagus, tomatoes, zucchini, peas, beans, onions and kale. I will probably plant some garlic and radish in between plants for pest control. Last year I did this same layout with the addition of basil and peppers next to the tomatoes. Those two plants didn’t do very well, and I think it Continue Reading →

Hollandaise sauce – don’t be intimidated

I’ve heard several people comment on how scary it is to contemplate making Hollandaise sauce, but really it’s not a big deal. I got my recipe from Betty Crocker. Betty has a lot of basic recipes so if you want to make something you haven’t made before, check with Betty. Anyway, the secret to easy Hollandaise is low temperature. Use a small saucepan that has high sides so you can whisk without it flying all over the kitchen. And don’t stop whisking! You have to keep the mixture from separating, so whisk constantly. I put Hollandaise on anything…fish, chicken, steak, Continue Reading →

Cast iron cooking

Several years ago we converted all our cookware to cast iron, mostly enameled cast iron. I just love it! Even good quality stainless steel is made with nickel, which is a common heavy-metal toxin to which many people are highly allergic. We are both so sensitive to chemicals that we have tried to eliminate all sources of chemicals in our lives, including cleaning products, pesticided food and our cooking implements. It can be a challenge but ultimately I think I feel better for the effort. In any case, I have my enameled cast iron and also a few old pieces Continue Reading →

Green bean variations

One of our favorite quick veggie sides is spicy green beans. I saute green beans in coconut oil with garlic salt, pink salt and cayenne pepper. Sometimes I cook them a little more al dente and sometimes I get them slightly carmelized. Either way, they are great. For Christmas I wanted to do something a little different with the green beans. I was cooking a brined turkey, which turned out great, and while it was in the oven I was on the phone with my family in California saying hi to everyone and talking about food (naturally). My niece Mary Continue Reading →

Easy Fajitas

Some days I just don’t feel much like thinking about what to make for dinner. I want something easy, and It doesn’t get much easier than fajitas. Even if I don’t remember to take chicken out of the freezer in the morning, it’s easy enough to defrost chicken breasts in warm water later in the day. I don’t believe in using a microwave oven so I go old school for that sort of thing. If you take some sirloin steak or round steak out in time, you can make beef fajitas just as easily. Just slice it thin so it Continue Reading →

Coq Au Vin – almost the real thing

Okay, I confess that I have bought Julia Child’s cookbook but I haven’t cracked it open yet. Although I’ve been cooking since about the 4th grade, for some reason I was suddenly intimidated by those recipes. I got this recipe from a gluten-free cookbook that I picked up at the health food store. It’s close to Julia’s recipe and it’s easy to make. Real Coq Au Vin is made with bacon, which I don’t do. Sometime over the winter I’ll gird my loins and do Julia’s recipe, as well as her Bouef Bourginon (spelling?). For that one I may have Continue Reading →