Early Harvest

At almost the end of June, I’m already harvesting summer crops, which is a first for me in our short growing season. Using my greenhouse to start my plants gave me the huge advantage I’ve been looking for, in that the plants I put in the garden were much larger than usual. In fact, I was harvesting green beans off my plants while they were still in the greenhouse. I had little tomatoes and zucchini growing while they were still in their pots. Unfortunately, the bush beans suffered a major setback when I put them into the garden as we Continue Reading →

The garden is a go…

I never did get around to posting about my 2014 garden, which was a pretty good success. I had great tomatoes and kale but my zucchini never really took off, which was first for me. Plenty of asparagus and my best crop of onions yet. The new strawberry bed did well, although it was way too crowded and stayed way too wet so some of the berries rotted before I could harvest. This year, I had the advantage of my new greenhouse, which I didn’t get set up until the middle of June last year. This year I have been Continue Reading →

Worm compost – who knew?

Last summer my husband bought me a worm composter, something I knew absolutely nothing about. We got 6,000 worms, put the bedding in, added some food and crossed our fingers. I soon found out that I had a lot to learn about worms. Luckily, we bought a juicer about the same time as the composter, so I started giving the worms the pulp from the juicing mixed with shredded cardboard from all our Standard Process supplement boxes. Standard Process uses unbleached cardboard for their packaging, along with earth-friendly dye on their labels, so I felt okay about using those in Continue Reading →

Kung Pao Chicken…wow!

If you’re a fan of the restaurant PF Chang’s you’ll know why Kung Pao Chicken is a great recipe to master at home. We don’t have a PF’s here and I’m thinking now that even if we did I probably wouldn’t go there. I have found that all Chinese food recipes are chock full of sugar. That’s what makes those sauces so yummy. That doesn’t work for me, so I decided to make my own Chinese food at home. I tried Mu Shu Chicken, Hot and Sour Soup and my most successful, Kung Pao Chicken. This is a recipe I Continue Reading →

Long live the tulips!

Okay, I’m kind of obsessed with my tulips this year, simply because last year the deer ate them all as they were starting to pop up. This year we thought the same thing had happened, but I’m happy to say that most of the tulips did survive. The purple tulips and the yellow/orange swirly tulips bloomed later than I thought they would. Yay again! We had a pretty nice tulip crop, with about 20 bunches similar to the one pictured at right. I was going to cut them to bring in the house but they looked so pretty outside that Continue Reading →

Double time

Okay this is kind of goofy, but I just couldn’t resist posting about it. Last week I was making breakfast, as usual, and while cracking eggs into the frying pan, four out of six eggs came up with double yolks. The next day, same thing. So, eight out of twelve eggs in one carton were double yolks! This has happened a couple of times before but it always amazes me. I get our eggs at the health food store, and they are organic and from a local farm. I always wonder why just a single carton will have so many Continue Reading →

Building a better bed

I finally got some dirt delivered so I can make my new strawberry and blueberry beds! Just before that I got my backhoe guy to move the mountain of gravel (yay!) So I have the room for the new beds. Here’s how it goes: 1. Put down weed barrier 2. Move big rocks for the border (ouch) 3. Have the dirt guy back his truck up into the middle of the bed and dump half his load 4. Put the big rocks into place (ouch again) 5. Spread out the dirt 6. Add gravel just behind big rocks and put Continue Reading →

Starting Seeds – A sign of spring

It was pretty warm here in Montana today (50 degrees) so I started getting really excited about my gardens again. I went so far as to start some seeds for my lettuce/spinach garden, which is located at the back of my house in a part shade/part sun spot. I planted lettuce there for the first time last year, along with strawberries, and the lettuce did great but the strawberries not so much. So this year, it will be lettuce and spinach, and I’m moving the strawberries out into the pasture in a new bed (which has yet to be constructed). Continue Reading →