Eggnog – a seasonal favorite that works all year

My brother gave me this recipe for homemade eggnog and wow, it is fabulous. I usually make it for New Years Eve, even though the most I ever do is have a bonfire in the back yard to celebrate, along with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, naturally. I use Stevia instead of the sugar that is called for, so I’ll give you the amounts for both. I don’t usually add the alcohol, but it does make for a tasty treat it you do. You’ll want to double, triple of quadruple this recipe depending on your crowd. And just why is Continue Reading →

Hot weather calls for frappés

During our continuing hot weather spell here in Western Montana, I’ve revived a summer favorite for late-afternoon relief:  the frappé. You don’t have to go to Starbucks and get an overpriced, bitter coffee version when you can make it right at home. I’ll confess here that I frequently go to Starbucks when I travel, although I now try to find independent coffee places first and give them my business instead (if you’re ever in the Seattle airport, choose Seattle’s Best, right next to Starbucks). But here at home I’ve got it all…organic coffee, fresh cold well water, organic cream and Continue Reading →

Perfect Hot Chocolate

Now that winter is coming on, in Montana at least, hot chocolate is becoming a beverage of choice again. I use raw milk, raw cacao powder and Stevia. If you don’t have access to raw milk, use regular whole milk instead. I don’t actually heat the milk until it’s hot because heat destroys all the enzymes in the milk that make it healthy and digestible. That’s why so many people have an allergy to pasteurized milk. My body doesn’t tolerate pasteurized milk very well but I can drink raw milk with no problem. If you live in a state that Continue Reading →

Faux Sangria – it’s delicious!

Since I can’t have the sugary Sangria but I can have wine sometimes, I decided to try and make a fake Sangria that would make me feel like I was having the real thing. Easy recipe… Decant one bottle of red wine (your choice of variety – I use an organic dry cherry wine) and add 1 lemon, sliced, with slices cut in half. Add 20 drops of Valencia Orange Stevia. Stir or swish decanter until Stevia mixes in. Put in fridge for several hours and serve over ice. It’s pretty good!  

Sugar-free lemonade & Arnold Palmer

Here’s a great way to enjoy a refreshing bebida (drink) even if you can’t have sugar. Squeeze two lemons, or use about two tablespoons organic lemon juice, in a 16 oz. glass. Add 10 drops of clear Stevia, then fill with cold water. To make an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half tea) add cold tea instead of water. You can also use this mixture to make lemon popsicles! Or make a larger quantity and store in the fridge: 1 quart = 4 lemons, 20 drops Stevia 1/2 gallon = 8 lemons, 40 drops Stevia 1 gallon = 16 lemons, 80 Continue Reading →