Hot weather calls for frappés

During our continuing hot weather spell here in Western Montana, I’ve revived a summer favorite for late-afternoon relief:  the frappé. You don’t have to go to Starbucks and get an overpriced, bitter coffee version when you can make it right at home. I’ll confess here that I frequently go to Starbucks when I travel, although I now try to find independent coffee places first and give them my business instead (if you’re ever in the Seattle airport, choose Seattle’s Best, right next to Starbucks). But here at home I’ve got it all…organic coffee, fresh cold well water, organic cream and chocolate stevia drops.

Chocolate Frappé

3 cups coffee – I don’t have an espresso machine, so I put my regular amount of coffee into my oversized French press but only pour in about a cup of water. I let it brew, then pour in two cups of cold water. Then I pour those 3 cups of liquid into the blender. You can use more coffee grounds or less water to make it taste stronger, or use espresso grounds. Or get an espresso machine. Experiment.

1/4 cup heavy cream (or coconut milk, which is what I usually use…today it was cream)

A bunch of ice cubes – depends on how thick you want your frappé to be…mine ends up fairly watery but with some foam if I use 8-10 ice cubes

A few squirts of liquid chocolate stevia – or vanilla, or english toffee, or chocolate raspberry…you get the idea. Probably ends up being about 20 drops.

Blend it up and serve. This makes two big glasses of frappé goodness. Today I used some Kona coffee that my hubby bought as a present to ourselves for our birthdays. It’s like drinking a really good coffee-flavored chocolate bar!




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