Hot weather calls for frappés

During our continuing hot weather spell here in Western Montana, I’ve revived a summer favorite for late-afternoon relief:  the frappé. You don’t have to go to Starbucks and get an overpriced, bitter coffee version when you can make it right at home. I’ll confess here that I frequently go to Starbucks when I travel, although I now try to find independent coffee places first and give them my business instead (if you’re ever in the Seattle airport, choose Seattle’s Best, right next to Starbucks). But here at home I’ve got it all…organic coffee, fresh cold well water, organic cream and Continue Reading →

Early Harvest

At almost the end of June, I’m already harvesting summer crops, which is a first for me in our short growing season. Using my greenhouse to start my plants gave me the huge advantage I’ve been looking for, in that the plants I put in the garden were much larger than usual. In fact, I was harvesting green beans off my plants while they were still in the greenhouse. I had little tomatoes and zucchini growing while they were still in their pots. Unfortunately, the bush beans suffered a major setback when I put them into the garden as we Continue Reading →