Simple tomato soup

I had 24 tomato plants in my garden last year, so I had lots of tomatoes that I tossed in the freezer. I’ve been making either soup or salsa, since thawed tomatoes are too mushy for anything else. The year before I dehydrated a bunch of tomatoes too, which you can re-hydrate and use to jazz up recipes like hummus. In any case, there is just nothing better on a cold day than homemade tomato soup. I wanted a really easy recipe that also has a lot of flavor. I kind of throw things together sometimes without measuring too much Continue Reading →

The garden is a go…

I never did get around to posting about my 2014 garden, which was a pretty good success. I had great tomatoes and kale but my zucchini never really took off, which was first for me. Plenty of asparagus and my best crop of onions yet. The new strawberry bed did well, although it was way too crowded and stayed way too wet so some of the berries rotted before I could harvest. This year, I had the advantage of my new greenhouse, which I didn’t get set up until the middle of June last year. This year I have been Continue Reading →