Sometimes only an omelette will do

pestommieLast night my husband and I were exhausted from a day of dealing with technology issues with out wireless network. It’s not like we were hauling wood or moving rocks, but our brains were fried. I had forgotten to take anything out of the freezer for dinner, so my brain had to rev up to think of something for two hungry luddites. I had some veggies and some leftover pesto in the fridge, and the lightbulb went off over my head – an omelette! Breakfast for dinner is common for us when we are busy doing outside stuff around the ranch. It’s easy and quick and filling.

For last night’s quickie ommie I sauted zucchini, red bell pepper, and green onions in butter, then added kalamata olives for the last few minutes. For the omelette itself, it’s three eggs whipped up good, poured into a cast iron pan that’s coated with a good thick layer of melted butter. I use medium heat and let the eggs thicken up, shaking the pan to make sure the eggs don’t stick to the bottom. Sometimes you have to persuade it with a spatula, but as long as the pan isn’t too hot you should be able to get an egg layer that slides around.

Flip it over carefully, using whatever method works for you. I use two spatulas because I don’t have the huevos (pun intended) to flip it like Julia Child would. Immediately turn the heat down to low, and only leave it on that side for 15 seconds or so, just to firm up the eggs on that side. Flip it back, sprinkle with salt, add your fillings on one half and fold the other half over the top. You can take it off the heat immediately and serve or let it cook a little more if you have cheese in there that you want to melt.

For this meal, I added cut up tomatoes right before I folded the top over, then put it on a plate and poured pesto from this summer’s garden over it all. I had made pesto in the summer and frozen it in ice cube trays. About six or seven cubes will make a meal for two. This was an absolutely yummy dinner! I remarked to my husband that my belly was humming in happiness. Basil is an herb that has lots of healing properties, so it’s not only good, but it’s good for you!

Other omelette fillings I have done are:

Carmelized onions and mushrooms with gorgonzola cheese (OMG!)
Black beans, avocado and cheese with salsa and cilantro on top

Whatever you fill it with, there’s never a bad time for an ommie!


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