What do I do with kale?

Kale is one of those green, leafy veggies that people have trouble dealing with. Kale chips are now showing up in the health food stores, so someone figured out how to go commercial with it. However, the kale chips I’ve tasted from the store have been awful. I grow a lot of kale because it’s easy to grow and it grows fast. You can start it in cold spring weather and harvest all summer and fall, even after first snowfall. Kale will also overwinter if you cover it properly. I make kale chips and kale slaw, and I use kale raw in salads in the summer and I add it to soups in the winter. Kale is great for detoxing your liver! To make kale slaw, just slice up the kale into strips and add it to your regular coleslaw recipe. You can also saute kale for a few minutes in garlic and butter for a yummy side dish.

Kale Chips

1/2 c. tahini
1 red pepper
1 onion
1 c. olive oil or coconut oil (I use 1/2 c. each)
2 tsp. garlic salt
2 tbsp. lime juice
2 tsp. sea salt
1/4 c. tamari
1 tsp. cayenne (or to taste)

Puree ingredients until smooth. Brush onto whole kale leaves and dehydrate. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can put them in the oven on the lowest heat setting until they are crisp. You might have to leave the oven door open to get the heat low enough.


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