Strawberry Bounty – an unexpected surprise

I posted earlier about my new strawberry bed, which has suddenly started producing large, sweet strawberries! I pinched all the flowers after planting the starts so that the plants would concentrate on growing instead of producing fruit, so I figured I wouldn’t get a crop this year. Then, the plants struggled for a few weeks and are now producing fruit and sending out lots of runners.

The great thing about the runners is that the plants are happy and healthy enough to send them out, so next years crop will be bigger. The way to handle runners, I read online, is to let three or four of them grow out and root themselves. Clip any secondary runners that develop from that first runner, or you’ll get lots of plants but no fruit. Once a runner has rooted, you can clip the vine and transplant if needed. These are the Seascape variety of strawberry, which I got from a local farm that sells plant starts at my health food store. I wanted to plant Fort Laramie variety, but they were sold out online when I went to buy them. This variety seems to be doing really well, though.

The only bad thing is that some critter is sneaking into my strawberry bed at night and eating chunks of strawberry! I asked my local farmer friend for advice and he said to go out at night with a flashlight and check for slugs. Didn’t see any slugs. By the way, if you have slugs in your garden, put out a pie plate full of beer each night. You’ll have dead slugs in the morning. So I thought maybe birds were swooping down and eating the berries, so I covered them with netting but they are still being eaten. The mystery continues…




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