What do I do with kale?

Kale is one of those green, leafy veggies that people have trouble dealing with. Kale chips are now showing up in the health food stores, so someone figured out how to go commercial with it. However, the kale chips I’ve tasted from the store have been awful. I grow a lot of kale because it’s easy to grow and it grows fast. You can start it in cold spring weather and harvest all summer and fall, even after first snowfall. Kale will also overwinter if you cover it properly. I make kale chips and kale slaw, and I use kale Continue Reading →

Pickles, Pickles, Yay!

Well, I’m happy to say that my first jar of pickles with the new recipe provided by my sis turned out great! My husband is not usually a big pickle eater, but he loves these. Last year, my dad and I were trying different ways of fermenting pickles with whey, and it just didn’t work. Actually, Dad got one fantastic batch and then couldn’t duplicate it. In any case, the following recipe is easy and seems to be foolproof. You can eliminate the red pepper flakes if you are a spice-weinie like my sister. Refrigerator Pickles Pickling Liquid 1 1/2 Continue Reading →

Strawberry Bounty – an unexpected surprise

I posted earlier about my new strawberry bed, which has suddenly started producing large, sweet strawberries! I pinched all the flowers after planting the starts so that the plants would concentrate on growing instead of producing fruit, so I figured I wouldn’t get a crop this year. Then, the plants struggled for a few weeks and are now producing fruit and sending out lots of runners. The great thing about the runners is that the plants are happy and healthy enough to send them out, so next years crop will be bigger. The way to handle runners, I read online, Continue Reading →