Long live the tulips!

Okay, I’m kind of obsessed with my tulips this year, simply because last year the deer ate them all as they were starting to pop up. This year we thought the same thing had happened, but I’m happy to say that most of the tulips did survive. The purple tulips and the yellow/orange swirly tulips bloomed later than I thought they would. Yay again! We had a pretty nice tulip crop, with about 20 bunches similar to the one pictured at right. I was going to cut them to bring in the house but they looked so pretty outside that Continue Reading →

My new best friend

My new best friend is a gardening tool – sad but true! I originally got it to dig up dandelions but I quickly realized that I had too many dandelions in my yard to ever be able to dig them all up, so I gave up. So, this tool has languished in my garden shed for a few years and I brought it out to help with the quackgrass infestation in my raspberries, which I posted about previously. Well! I never expected it to work so well. I just shove it down in the dirt, wiggle it around a bit Continue Reading →

The raspberries stand alone

That is to say, the raspberries want to stand alone. I read years ago that raspberries don’t like competition from weeds, and this year I’m finally understanding what that means. A few areas of my raspberry patch don’t thrive as well as the rest. These areas have been infested with quackgrass, which is a fast-growing grass that forms a thick bed of roots and spreads via long runners. After a few years of inadequate weeding in the raspberry patch, the quackgrass has now taken over in some spots. I started weeding those areas, trying to get a handle on the Continue Reading →

Gardening highs and lows

It’s only April and it’s already been a year of gardening ups and down. On the plus side, I’ve built my new strawberry bed, enclosed all my beds in one big fence, and I finally built a composter from old pallets, which I’ve been wanting to try for years. I just used long zip ties to tie together four square pallets. The advantage here is that the slatted sides will provide air flow. The disadvantage is that this is not the type of setup that produces compost every six weeks. I’ve always wanted an enclosed tumbling composter, but most of Continue Reading →