Building a better bed

I finally got some dirt delivered so I can make my new strawberry and blueberry beds! Just before that I got my backhoe guy to move the mountain of gravel (yay!) So I have the room for the new beds. Here’s how it goes:

1. Put down weed barrier
2. Move big rocks for the border (ouch)
3. Have the dirt guy back his truck up into the middle of the bed and dump half his load
4. Put the big rocks into place (ouch again)
5. Spread out the dirt
6. Add gravel just behind big rocks and put a second layer of smaller rocks on top
7. Add cow poo compost and plant!

Here’s how it looked:

Molly inspects the new space for the strawberry bed.


I had the backhoe guy move some of these rocks while I had him here….that helped. Molly supervised the whole thing.




The dirt guy did a great job of dumping it right in the middle. It wasn’t too hard to spread, just took an hour or so. Moving the rocks is much harder!


I’ve decided to rehab my older beds to look like this finished bed below. Plus, we enclosed all the beds in one big fence, so it’s a garden compound now. My husband calls it my outdoor babe cave. :-)

Here’s the finished bed! Lovely!


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