Chicken Curry – easy and delicious!

Last night I made Chicken Curry, which I haven’t made for a while for some reason. I guess I’ve been in a rut! This is such an easy dish to make and if you like curry you’ll love this. I got the recipe from Sally Fallon’s cookbook “Nourishing Traditions.” This is a fabulous cookbook (look for it on Amazon), billed as “The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.” She basically goes back to the traditional diet before everyone was scared off meat, eggs, fat and salt. She also talks about raw and fermented food, and gives Continue Reading →

Double time

Okay this is kind of goofy, but I just couldn’t resist posting about it. Last week I was making breakfast, as usual, and while cracking eggs into the frying pan, four out of six eggs came up with double yolks. The next day, same thing. So, eight out of twelve eggs in one carton were double yolks! This has happened a couple of times before but it always amazes me. I get our eggs at the health food store, and they are organic and from a local farm. I always wonder why just a single carton will have so many Continue Reading →

Building a better bed

I finally got some dirt delivered so I can make my new strawberry and blueberry beds! Just before that I got my backhoe guy to move the mountain of gravel (yay!) So I have the room for the new beds. Here’s how it goes: 1. Put down weed barrier 2. Move big rocks for the border (ouch) 3. Have the dirt guy back his truck up into the middle of the bed and dump half his load 4. Put the big rocks into place (ouch again) 5. Spread out the dirt 6. Add gravel just behind big rocks and put Continue Reading →