A weekend in the garden

Yesterday we picked up a truckload of cow poo compost from a local organic dairy. We’ve used this compost for several years and have really good success, and the more of it that I add to my veggie bed the better my garden becomes. If I had the strength and energy, I’d add eight truckloads to properly amend the soil in that bed, but that’s a bit much even for me. I basically need to double the volume of the bed using soil amendments to have optimal soil, and I’ll get there eventually but it might take a few more years.

The guy we buy the compost from told us a harrowing story of being engulfed in a silage (cow food) avalanche this past winter. He was alone in his barn and a 12-foot wall of feed collapsed on him. He was able to dig out enough to breathe and eventually reach the cell phone in his pocket and escaped with his life and a broken hip. We were pleased to hear there was a happy ending.

The big veggie garden, almost ready for action!

So, I spent yesterday and today shoveling poo. Doesn’t it look pretty? I had enough for the big veg bed, the small lettuce bed in back and the raspberries. My gardening clothes are now banished to the laundry room. :-) It’s not actually poo anymore since it’s been composted thoroughly, but my husband and I like to make poo jokes.

I also started several other pre-gardening season projects including restacking the rocks that make up the border of the big veggie bed. I’m putting weed barrier under the rocks so I don’t have to spend time pulling weeds or weed-whacking around the rocks. It just bugs me! Also, I’m putting gravel down over the weed barrier that I laid down around the perimeter of the garden last year. We have some extra gravel from our construction project so I’m putting it to good use. You can see where I started in the picture above. My big garden will be so pretty!

Help me, please!

Here’s the gravel pile that has to be moved before I can create my new strawberry and blueberry beds and expand my deer fencing around all the pasture beds. Ouch! I’m already sore from shoveling poo, so I’m not looking forward to moving gravel. Keeps me in shape, though. Who needs a gym?

I still have to add sand and perlite to the big veggie bed, then I’ll be ready to plant the starts that are already coming up in my little seed-starting trays. It’s so exciting! I also took the time to knock together a little tool shed for the pasture so I don’t have to keep moving tools back and forth. Isn’t it cute?

My impromptu toolshed, made using old pallets and scrap construction material.. I bet Martha Stewart couldn’t do this!


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