Berries & Cream – Simple and satisfying

With my glucose intolerance I don’t usually eat dessert, but one thing I can have once in while is blueberries and strawberries smothered in whipped cream. Oh my…

Simple, but it makes the belly very happy. I use fresh, organic fruit and my special stevia-sweetened whipped cream. Use real heavy whipping cream and add 10 drops of liquid stevia per cup of cream. Whip it up in your Kitchen Aid and voila! I also love to use the extra whipped cream in my coffee.

Blueberries and strawberries do contain fructose, but not as much as some other fruits and I seem to be able to tolerate them. Your mileage may vary…


2 thoughts on “Berries & Cream – Simple and satisfying

  1. Dooney

    I wish I was there to make some, haha! I just made some here today to go with pumpkin pie and to put in my coffee. I was thinking about using one of the flavored stevias in the whipped cream but I forgot to try it….maybe English Toffee whipped cream? Yum!


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