Tahini chicken

Years ago I came up with a tahini sauce which I use on all sorts of things….chicken, steamed veggies, for dipping cheese slices, for dipping raw cut-up veggies, etc. It’s a great dip or a cooking sauce. One of my favorite ways to use it recently is poured over two chicken breasts with roasted red peppers (chopped up) and sliced green olives on top. Bake uncovered at 375 degrees for about 35 minutes, or until the breasts are fully cooked. Before serving, top with goat cheese. You can also add nuts or mushrooms for a little variety, or anything else that floats your boat. Yum!  I did my green beans with mushrooms as a side tonight. My husband just loved it!

Tahini Sauce (portions are approximate as I never measure this recipe)

1/3 c. olive oil
2 tbsp. tamari
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1/4 c. tahini
1 tsp. dijon mustard
3 drops stevia

Mix in small bowl or cup. Stir vigorously until blended. Use as you wish!




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