Cast iron cooking

Several years ago we converted all our cookware to cast iron, mostly enameled cast iron. I just love it! Even good quality stainless steel is made with nickel, which is a common heavy-metal toxin to which many people are highly allergic. We are both so sensitive to chemicals that we have tried to eliminate all sources of chemicals in our lives, including cleaning products, pesticided food and our cooking implements. It can be a challenge but ultimately I think I feel better for the effort.

In any case, I have my enameled cast iron and also a few old pieces of non-enameled cast iron that have been given to me over the years. I’ve read all kinds of things about cast iron, like you’re not supposed to wash it with soap or use scrubber tools on it. I’ve done just about everything to my cast iron with no problems.

I recently had an interesting experience with my most-used cast iron frying pan. It’s always been a challenge to cook eggs in cast iron – they always stick. Recently it seems that my 13″ cast iron frying pan has finally been seasoned enough. I have been making fried eggs every morning and suddenly, the eggs are turning out perfect! No more sticking, no more overcooking, just lovely, buttery soft eggs. I haven’t changed anything about the way I cook them but they are now so much better. In fact, I made omelets the other night and usually the first omelet turns out just okay, usually sticks. This time, the first ommie was perfect! So, I’ve been cooking with this pan for about three years. Maybe it takes that long for true seasoning to happen. I don’t think I’ve suddenly learned how to cook eggs.

The funny thing is that I have a cast-iron cookbook and the guy who wrote it says “if you don’t know how to cook eggs in a cast-iron skillet you don’t deserve to own one”, yet he doesn’t actually tell you how to cook eggs in a cast-iron skillet! Not helpful!

So, don’t give up on your cast-iron skillet. Keep it oiled and keep on using it!



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