Perfect Hot Chocolate

Now that winter is coming on, in Montana at least, hot chocolate is becoming a beverage of choice again. I use raw milk, raw cacao powder and Stevia. If you don’t have access to raw milk, use regular whole milk instead. I don’t actually heat the milk until it’s hot because heat destroys all the enzymes in the milk that make it healthy and digestible. That’s why so many people have an allergy to pasteurized milk. My body doesn’t tolerate pasteurized milk very well but I can drink raw milk with no problem. If you live in a state that allows the sale of raw milk, take advantage of it. Studies show that 48 hours after the pasteurization process, pasteurized milk has more bacteria in it than raw milk. As always, make sure your source is clean.

Cacao powder is becoming more available now, so you should be able to find it in your local health food store. If not it’s readily available online. We get our cacao and olive oil from Living Tree Community Foods online. Remember, if you spend a little more on your food, you won’t have to spend as much on your doctor. :-)

For one mug of Perfect Hot Chocolate:

Enough milk to fill your favorite mug
1 spoonful of cacao powder
10 drops clear Stevia or 1 tsp. honey

Whisk cacao into milk in small pan. Heat until milk is nice and warm but not hot or boiling. Pour back into your favorite mug, add Stevia and stir. Use marshmallows at your own risk! :-)



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