Always Organic

My husband and I decided around 2003 to go fully organic with our food. It’s well documented that pesticides are harmful to humans and as someone who is chemically sensitive, it became imperative that I go organic. It’s expensive, but so it heart surgery, so…

It’s encouraging to see organics making their way into regular supermarkets. As the demand goes up, the price will go down. Remember, before the invention of chemical pesticides and fertilizers about 80 years ago, everything was organic for thousands of years! Organic is not weird, unnatural or unnecessary. It’s the way thing were for most of human history.

Needless to say, my garden is completely organic. I’m lucky that we live in an area that doesn’t have too many garden pests, but those I do encounter can be taken care of with natural methods. I tend to get whiteflies on my indoor salad plants, so I simply spray them with a mixture of oil and soap to kill the larvae and end the problem. There are natural alternatives to any problem in the garden, you just have to do a little research.

Whitefly Spray:

Mix one cup vegetable oil with 1 tbsp. biodegradeable dish soap. Store in jar and use 1 tbsp. of that mixture combined with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle to spray your plants. Be sure to also spray the underside of the leaves where the larvae live.



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