You can never plant too many onions

This was the first year I got a good crop of onions in my garden. I think I just didn’t have them in the right place before – not enough sun exposure. This year I planted about 50 yellow onions from seed in April and for the first time ever I got the sea of wavy green stems. It was lovely! (See header pic) What I realized after I started to harvest them is that I could have planted three times as many onions and probably still fallen short. I also realized that the variety I choose (Yellow Parma) was a smaller onion (at least in my garden) so next year I’m going to find a large variety.

I use onions in my cooking almost every day, so what I ended up doing was getting a 50-lb. bag of organic onions from a local farmer. The only trick with that is to keep them in a cool and dark place so they last over the winter without sprouting or getting moldy. My pantry is usually cool enough and this year I bought some cheap baskets that I will store the onions in, covered with a dark cloth. You can get those fancy onion baskets from the gardening or home improvement catalogs, but a $5 basket will do just as well. :-)



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