Eggnog – a seasonal favorite that works all year

My brother gave me this recipe for homemade eggnog and wow, it is fabulous. I usually make it for New Years Eve, even though the most I ever do is have a bonfire in the back yard to celebrate, along with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, naturally. I use Stevia instead of the sugar that is called for, so I’ll give you the amounts for both. I don’t usually add the alcohol, but it does make for a tasty treat it you do. You’ll want to double, triple of quadruple this recipe depending on your crowd. And just why is Continue Reading →

Olive tapenade

Here’s something else that will taste great on those flax crackers or focaccia bread. If you look for olive tapenade at the grocery store, it will be incredibly expensive to buy one little jar. It only take a few minutes to make and tastes great, so DIY! I found this recipe online somewhere, don’t remember where so apologies to the creator. Ingredients: * 20 pitted Kalamata olives, coarsely chopped * 1 Tbsp rinsed, drained, and chopped capers * 1 tsp fresh lemon juice * 2 tsp olive oil * 1/2 tsp anchovy paste (optional) * Fresh cracked black pepper Preparation: Continue Reading →

Focaccia Bread

I love bread. If there’s a Breadaholics Anonymous meeting anywhere, I need to be there. I had to mostly give up bread because of high blood sugar, but I still try to find ways to indulge. I’ve made this focaccia bread with buckwheat flour and it works well. I’m going to try it with cocount flour next since it will be super low-carb. You can flavor it with your favorite spices for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cinnamon with some Truvia for sweetness would be a great breakfast bread. Slice it horizontally for sandwiches. Or just cut up and dip in Continue Reading →

Flax crackers – a great low-carb snack

Yeah, flax and kale are all the rage now…for a good reason! Flax seed crackers are a great alternative to a packaged high-carb cracker that probably also has sugar and bad oils in it. I made up this recipe after spending way too much buying flax crackers at the store. The best brand I’ve found, if you don’t want to make them, is Flackers, which, by the way, I reverse-engineered in my kitchen to come up with something that tastes similar for a fraction of the cost. All it takes is time. I was reading around about flax and found Continue Reading →

Squash lasagne – I’m in heaven!

You may be wondering why the picture accompanying this post is of giant patty pan squash. Well…we had some rain and the garden plants really loved it, and I didn’t go out there for a few days, and…next thing I knew the patty pans had become mutant squash! It gave me an idea I’ve been wanting to try. Since I can’t have pasta I thought I’d try making lasagne using squash strips instead of noodles. I hopped on the internet and found the following recipe on It is fabulous! The meat sauce alone is worth making, and you could Continue Reading →

Hot weather calls for frappés

During our continuing hot weather spell here in Western Montana, I’ve revived a summer favorite for late-afternoon relief:  the frappé. You don’t have to go to Starbucks and get an overpriced, bitter coffee version when you can make it right at home. I’ll confess here that I frequently go to Starbucks when I travel, although I now try to find independent coffee places first and give them my business instead (if you’re ever in the Seattle airport, choose Seattle’s Best, right next to Starbucks). But here at home I’ve got it all…organic coffee, fresh cold well water, organic cream and Continue Reading →

Early Harvest

At almost the end of June, I’m already harvesting summer crops, which is a first for me in our short growing season. Using my greenhouse to start my plants gave me the huge advantage I’ve been looking for, in that the plants I put in the garden were much larger than usual. In fact, I was harvesting green beans off my plants while they were still in the greenhouse. I had little tomatoes and zucchini growing while they were still in their pots. Unfortunately, the bush beans suffered a major setback when I put them into the garden as we Continue Reading →

Simple tomato soup

I had 24 tomato plants in my garden last year, so I had lots of tomatoes that I tossed in the freezer. I’ve been making either soup or salsa, since thawed tomatoes are too mushy for anything else. The year before I dehydrated a bunch of tomatoes too, which you can re-hydrate and use to jazz up recipes like hummus. In any case, there is just nothing better on a cold day than homemade tomato soup. I wanted a really easy recipe that also has a lot of flavor. I kind of throw things together sometimes without measuring too much Continue Reading →

The garden is a go…

I never did get around to posting about my 2014 garden, which was a pretty good success. I had great tomatoes and kale but my zucchini never really took off, which was first for me. Plenty of asparagus and my best crop of onions yet. The new strawberry bed did well, although it was way too crowded and stayed way too wet so some of the berries rotted before I could harvest. This year, I had the advantage of my new greenhouse, which I didn’t get set up until the middle of June last year. This year I have been Continue Reading →

Worm compost – who knew?

Last summer my husband bought me a worm composter, something I knew absolutely nothing about. We got 6,000 worms, put the bedding in, added some food and crossed our fingers. I soon found out that I had a lot to learn about worms. Luckily, we bought a juicer about the same time as the composter, so I started giving the worms the pulp from the juicing mixed with shredded cardboard from all our Standard Process supplement boxes. Standard Process uses unbleached cardboard for their packaging, along with earth-friendly dye on their labels, so I felt okay about using those in Continue Reading →